NEP Compliant Curriculum

At The Ivy Global School, we are completely aligned with NEP and we believe in recognizing, identifying, and fostering the unique capabilities of each and every student, by sensitising teachers as well as parents to promote each student’s holistic development in both academic and non-academic spheres; Learners lessons are planned to enable them choose their learning trajectories and programmes, and thereby choose their own paths in life according to their talents and interests; Through various projects and hands on activities, there exists no hard separations between arts and sciences, between curricular and extracurricular activities, between vocational and academic streams, etc.

In order to eliminate harmful hierarchies among, and silos between different areas of learning; The pedagogy at The Ivy Global School is multidisciplinarity and aims at holistic education across the sciences, social sciences, arts, humanities, and sports inorder to ensure the unity and integrity of all knowledge; Assessments and check for understanding gives emphasis on conceptual understanding rather than rote learning;

  • Students are given freedom to hone their Creativity and Critical thinking and are encouraged to make logical decisions and innovations;
  • With lots of emphasis of service to society and surroundings, ethics and human & Constitutional values like empathy, respect for others, cleanliness, courtesy, democratic spirit, spirit of service, respect for public property, scientific temper, liberty, responsibility, pluralism, equality, and justice is built in.