Senior Years – Grade 8 to 12

Teaching Learning Pedagogy

The preparation of future goals and aspirations of students depends on their success in the senior secondary years. Therefore our team of dynamic &. highly committed teachers, well-equipped labs, and a well-stocked library ensure that we give them the best possible learning environment.

Our teachers work towards maximizing a child’s potential.


At The Ivy Global School we believe that in Senior grades students need to be groomed to be future ready citizens and develop a balanced personality focusing on social, emotional, and intellectual quotients.

The  Senior Years Programme  consists of four years of multidisciplinary study with greater depth, analytical thinking, and greater attention to life aspirations offering flexibility in students’ choice of subjects with a focus on their career as the core theme. School also assists them in making decisions and finding the right place for themselves whether it is university research or vocational training or business. Our approach emphasizes on scholastic specialization, empowerment, innovation, research orientation, and reflective thinking.

Special Programs

  • Board Prep - Board Exams are not only one year planning and execution. We believe in providing effective guidance to our learners to achieve their dreams. Hence we start preparing our learners for board right from middle school with vertically mapped topics. We analyze the result in each assessment and ensure we provide timely guidance to our learners to improve the performance. Our pedagogy is designed to provide the best techniques to our learners to achieve their potential to excel in board exams.
  • Detailed Assessment -The school uses a diagnostic topic-wise testing tool, which aims at providing immediate feedback to teachers on the current level of student understanding of the topics taught and completed in the classroom and hence ensuring the remediations are effective. These analytics-based assessments go a long way in improving scores in the board exams too.