Ivy Kinderland

Story Time

In foundation years our students enjoy and learn through stories. Stories not only help children express themselves better but also be poised and confident.

Quality Circle Time

This is an essential part of Foundation years at The Ivy Global school where we re-arrange the seating in class so that they are in a circle facing each other. This means that eye-contact is possible at all times. With its co-operative activities and discussion, Circle Time ensures that each student gets a chance to contribute and feel valued. Circle Time boosts interpersonal skills, strengthens relationships and enhances self-confidence while allowing the class and its teacher to have fun together.

Soft Play Zone

Indoor play areas at The Ivy Global School ensure that play never stops, be it the sunny or a rainy day. With a 500 sq mt, Indoor Soft Play Zone our tiny tots have a gala time and are able to play in a safer environment as foam matting and soft edges reduces the chance of injury.

Learner Lab

Learning Lab, a specially designed activity centre plays a pivotal role in the entire teaching-learning process of the pre-primary wing of The Ivy Global School. Learning Lab is a well-decorated, vibrant and colourful place which reflects the creativity and hard work of the teachers. The time spent by the learners in this room gives endless opportunities to them to explore, create, design and discover the fantastic world outside within the four secure and affectionate walls.

Splash Pool

This quiet corner of the school is filled up with fun, frolic and laughter when it is time to take a dip in water and wade through the pool. Learners are taught the basics of swimming.

Outdoor Play Zone

At The Ivy Global School we believe that each learner should indulge in regular outdoor play. This not only helps them develop their motor skills and social skills, but also has immense health benefits and helps them to develop love and care for the planet.