Foundation Years – Nursery to Grade 2

Teaching Learning Pedagogy

Our teaching-learning process is designed to give children a strong foundation in academics and simultaneously enrich personal development. It is the right blend of progressive curriculum and traditional curriculum.

We encourage our little learners to thrive in their new world, imbibing concepts in a safe, caring environment, through imaginative, creative methods and inter-disciplinary hands-on learning. They learn using their senses, movement, a multitude of interesting materials, and play to explore, investigate and collaborate. And true to our philosophy, this helps them to become lifetime learners.


We believe in holistic development of a child. Hence we mentor our children to become confident and curious through our innovative pedagogy.

We amalgamate the best practices of education such as – Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, which encourages children to continually question why and how things look and function the way they do, Montessori method, Gandhi Ji’s 3 H approach etc., Domains of Development etc.. Learners are given opportunities to practice and enhance their inherent intelligences to promote the ‘whole child’ development.

The Pre Primary curriculum is designed to have a sense of wonder and inquiry as the centre of all learning. At Foundation Level at The Ivy Global School we try to go beyond reading, writing and brush upon all “Panch Koshas” defined by National Curriculum Frameworks (NCF) of NEP 2020.

Special Programs

  • Language Accelerator Program(LAP) - We believe in age appropriate development based on child's psychology and research. In Pre primary fine motor skills are in the developing phase. Hence we focus more on Listening, Speaking and Reading skills in LAP, our special programme designed to nurture more confident Learners.
  • DIY Science/Math kits - - The DIY kits are introduced from Prep I to make learning an enriching and joyful experience. These DIY kits are designed and planned learning programs for children, which engage their keen, inquisitive and imaginative minds via holistic experiential learning modules. Our activity-based curricula mapped to the syllabus encourage children to understand, appreciate and apply the subject being taught.
  • Story Time - “We forget facts, but remember stories” This is the most awaited time by our tiny tot learners and an exclusive puppet corner has been created.