Ivy Career Counseling Lab

In today’s world, there is a multiplicity of career options and opportunities for our young adults in the world around us. At The Ivy Career Counselling Lab, we have worked on a 4-year career planning curriculum for our high school learners starting from Grade 9. In the course of 4 years, the career lab exposes learners to a wide range of opportunities, helps them choose the right universities, motivates them to develop the necessary skills and guides them in the college application process.

The Ivy Career Counseling Lab also guides the students to link backwards and choose their subjects after Grade X in accordance to their future goals.We invite reputed universities from all across to take sessions for our learners – in the process, opening up a world of opportunities for every student.

It is a sincere endeavour to make sure that each child graduating from The Ivy Global School finds the best fit in terms of course as well as a college or a university.